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Dana [userpic]

Heh, the best (or worst) part of the new year is breaking the personal resolutions you set out for yourself. I broke mine within maybe an hour after midnight? However it was kinda more or less  a resolution that I attempted and failed a lot when I set it at different points at 2007, so I wasn't really looking to keep it. In fact, I think I might have implemented it again as of Friday morning because I keep catching and stopping myself on my damn phone (apparently I'm looking to break it again, lol). It's just a never ending cycle in where I lie to myself, but tis okay, I happen to like making myself unhappy and miserable. It's because I'm honest. Ironic isn't it?

Needless to say, I'm mumbling on only because Fred had me go to sleep last night when I specifically told him I needed to stay up because my sleeping habits need to stay off for this weekend. I work the p shift (7pm to 7:30am) and well, it won't do me any good if I'm not totally there. Oh well... I should be asleep right now in fact, but I'm not. I know it's that time of month, but I can't literally sleep for a day, especially since I've had a day off, it doesn't quite work like that.

Which, I keep putting off, but I need to go see a gyne. Periods that make you dizzy, nauseated, and spend a lot of time curled in a ball wishing you could die hugging a toilet as you throw up is not normal. Yes yes, popping a midol and numerous other amounts of drugs don't cure it, only makes it worse, hence why I don't normally take pills. Not really worth my energy to take seeing as they don't work. But I do need to get myself on a type of birth control that regulates the damn thing (and doesn't have the side effects that I had last time). Though I must admit it has come regularly for the painful past two months. Maybe it will start being normal, chances are highly weighed against though.

So again on new years... reminiscing on last year, it sucked... *shrug* I mean, there are high points as well as very low. I'd say I'm shocked at some of the things I did/do but really, it continued from 2006 so I am, but not so much.*** I think I see the lock picks Fred was looking for last night before we left*** Nevermind, anyways...

To start off the new year... I came home from work to an empty apartment... followed by three days later, Fred decides to have our door knob hacked off via saw because he locked himself out. I tried to get stuff for school, and if my luck actually goes well, I'll be in class the 14th? I'm kinda getting better at the whole keeping in touch thing, and even better at the avoiding thing unless you happen to be friends with the boyfriend as well, in which case, I fail miserably at avoiding you people, but for everyone else, lol...

Oh and that 'resolution' thingy; well, hopefully I'll stick to it this time around. I'm hoping for a good 2008.

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Dana [userpic]

Oh oh oh, attention everyone... I have the internet back! Yay... and I spend my only day off covering for people at work... yeah I know, I'm so dependable... or guiliable... which ever way you look at it... and I have loads to update this thing with... but right now, I'm going to enjoy looking around. So peace out.

Dana [userpic]

You scored as Mathematics/Statistics. Related majors that match your highest scored category: Accounting, Actuarial Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Management Information Systems (MIS), Mathematics, Operations Management, Physics, Risk Management, Statistics.

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Hah, right on there... I wanted to do a doule major in Math/Education, with a minor in English... yep.

You are 57% Rational, 14% Extroverted, 42% Brutal, and 0% Arrogant.

You are the Robot! You are characterized by your rationality. In fact,
this is really ALL you are characterized by. Like a cold, heartless
machine, you are so logical and unemotional that you scarcely seem
human. For instance, you are very humble and don't bother thinking of
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gold.) You also won't be likely to terrorize humanity by becoming an
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The Class Clown: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Robot: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Haughty Intellectual: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

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The Hand-Raiser: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

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Hahahahahaha... I do have a personality you dumb ass thing, oh well... guess it works for Josh's theory and why I like the snow... cold and heartless... though I personally think I'm neither. *shrug* Guess it's better than what I got on this test a while ago... which was the hand raiser... though the only thing that changed there was introvert or extrovert... and we all know I'm an introvert.


adult survey
Lets see If you have the balls to answer truthfully!

1. Ever been to a male strip club?
No, I haven't and unless dragged to, never will.

2. Ever been to a female strip club?
No, and again, unless dragged to, never will.

3. Ever been to a bar?

4. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club?
Hahahaha, unless you count my mom being kicked out and me having to leave with her... but me specifically, no.

5. Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere?
Not one of my proudest moments.

6. Ever been so drunk you blacked out?
No. That would be very scary.

7. Kissed someone of the same sex (no relatives)?
Yes... I will always prefer guys, not because of the way they kiss, but because kissing a girl just turns me completely off, yes, the truth is that Dana is as straight as a rod, and not bending, and no kinks.

8. Thrown up from drinking too much?
You know, the very last time I ever drink when I'm upset, there has to be a first throwing up experience for everyone. *shrug*, another one of those 'not my proudest moment' things.

9. Had sex with more than one person in a 24 hour period?

10. Had sex in a car?
No, I would feel very cheap.

11. Had sex in a park?
Hahaha, played in the park you could say, not actually gone through with it though.

12. Had sex in a movie theater?
Ummm, If I'm going to pay 9 dollars to see a movie, I'm watching it. So no.

13. Had sex in a bathroom?

14. Had sex in a school?
No. Why would you?

15. Have you ever been in an "adult" store?
Yes. Very interesting while you're on crutches as well.

16. Have you ever purchased items from adult store?

17. Have you spent over $100.00 in one visit to the adult store?
I'm thinking Fred has, but not myself.

18. Is there someone you wished you never had sex with?
Hmmmm, let's not go there.

19. Is there someone you wished you would have had sex with?

20. How many partners have you had?
One, figure it out, then refer to question #18.

21. Have you ever received oral sex?

22. Ever given?

23. Have you ever had a threesome?
No, and keep dreaming, it isn't happening.

24. Have you ever used viagra (or anything like it?)
Ummm, I didn't know I needed to? No, Lol.

25. Would you rather give or receive oral sex?

26. Have you ever kissed a stranger?
Hmmm... Lol. I guess that would be a yes.

27. Have you ever had a one night stand?
I could consider my relationship as such, I'm just kidding, no.

28. Were you honest?

29. Who do you think will fill out this survey?
Hmmm, anyone on my friend's list whom hasn't.

That's all.

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Dana [userpic]

Why not, I filled it out for someone else...

1. Name:
2. Date of birth:
3. Where you live:
4. What makes you happy:
5. Currently listening/the last thing you listened to:
6. Do you read my journal?:
7. If yes, what makes it especially good or bad?:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/do you have a crush at the moment?:
10. Favourite place to spend time:
11. Favourite lyric:
12. The best time of the year:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A band, a song, or album:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Look at my friends-list and tell what you like about one of our mutual friends:
4. Put this in your journal so that I can tell you what I like about you.

So on a completelty different note:
Is it wrong for two men to yell and chase around a roomba?

Hehehehe, we re-arranged the living room, Fred 'found' my wallet, come on, we all knew he had it all along, claiming I just never noticed it on the counter... no I turned this house upside down looking for it, whatever though, point is... it's found. Though I think he just was hiding it from me because I made fun of him about always losing his wallet. *shrug* Again, as long as I have it now.

Nothing much else... that's it for now.

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Dana [userpic]

Yes yes, it took me a greater part of the night/morning... but I've made my entire journal Friend's/Private shiz. Which I guess you have to sort stuff out once in awhile. Me, I enjoy reading some memorable entries that made me wonder what the hell I was thinking. Also good for a laugh. I get to go through the years though when I start packing up my room at my mom's house. I do save things that are important to me, and others that just got passed by cause I didn't notice. Like, the last time I remember going thru my stuff was 3 years ago and at that time I found kindergarden stuff like flyers and shiz. Nice little back in time trip. So hopefully it won't go back that far this time but you never know. It just makes me really wonder how stuff like that survived still in my pocession for over 16 years with 4 moves, tons of cleanings, flooding, and just natural disasters of being a kid. *shrug* Just something there. See, like flyers of parents night and report cards survive, but you know, a lot of baby pictures ruined... that makes no sense. Then again I did keep a pretty involved organizational system back then and my mom did not... so blah, this is why I was meant to be a teacher... I'm a paper freak. Lol. No, like seriously my room could be composed a good 1/3 of just paper alone... or school supplies... I was always a freak about those too.
So like, now I'm going to go take a niced shower/bath and maybe make my leg feel happy after that sickening crack I heard last night at my knee. That's where it hurts. I'm not really worried per say, because my bone is nicely fitted with a titanium rod and me and my pathetic attept to chase Josh couldn't do any fucking damage to it. The other bone is seemingly fine because on the x-rays it's together and it is held nice and snug with the mound of muscle around it that the doctor's would cut through. So I'm only really concerned about my knee. Cause right at this moment I can't bend my leg outward without hurting. So now time for a bath.

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